Year 1 Team

Ms Amanda Clarson

Pronouns: She/Her

Ms Clarson teaches in Fox and Badger classes.

Mrs Anna Bryant

Fox Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Pronouns: She/Her Mrs B

Mr Phil Jones

Badger Class Teacher
Pronouns: He/Him

Mr Jones leads music and is also involved in the computing and humanities teams.

Mr Jake Newman

Fox Class Teaching Assistant
Pronouns: Him/His

Mrs Emma Colman

Midday Meals Supervisor, Fox Class
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Maria Byrne

Hedgehog Class Teaching Assistant and Mid-Day Meals Supervisor and Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Gemma Oswald

Hedgehog Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Oswald leads Year 1 with Mrs Bryant and is on the humanities team.

Mrs Bray

Badger Class Teaching Assistant and Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Chris Hill

Badger Class Teaching Assistant and cover Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Pronouns: She/He

Mrs Linda Groundsell

Midday Meals Supervisor, Badger Class
Pronouns: She/Her

Ms Sally Franks

Squirrel Class Teacher
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Jo Theelke

Squirrel Class Teaching Assistant
Pronouns: She/Her