Our Learning Heroes

Learning Heroes are designed to encourage pupils to develop skills for life and lifelong-learning. The learning heroes are fun characters which represent a learning skill: independence, co-operation, problem solving and reflection. They will be shared with children through toys, stories and real life situations and will demonstrate good behaviours that motivate and inspire our children.

Select one of Learning Hero characters to learn all about them and find out how to use them at home.

Incy Independent

Incy Independent is resilient; Incy perseveres and sticks at what its doing and becomes totally absorbed in tasks. Incy knows how to overcome barriers to learning but also when to have a break and come back to it later. Incy is really good at noticing patterns and details. Incy doesn’t get distracted by anyone or anything when its focused.

Ideas to promote Resilience:

  • Read books e.g. Ahh Spider, The Very Busy Spider… Amazing Grace.
  • Puzzles.
  • Ball games.
  • Learning a new skill or instrument.
  • Praising children for sticking at things.
  • Demonstrate/model sticking at things you have found hard.

Busy and Buzz

Busy and Buzz are cooperative and collaborative bees who love to learn in harmony with other people. They enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas, discussing problems and solutions. Busy and Buzz encourage everyone to take on a role and get involved, but they can also see when it is best to learn on their own. They are good listeners, empathise and value everyone’s ideas. They like to learn from others and “magpie” great ideas to make them their own.

Ideas to promote Reciprocity:

  • Work, play and learn alongside your children, enabling them to pick up good habits through imitating you.
  • Have a family vote e.g. where to go for a day out.
  • Watch and play team games and talk about how well players work together.
  • Make expectations of turn-taking and sharing of ideas clear.

Wonder the Meerkat

Wonder is a real problem solver. Before tackling a problem, Wonder thinks very carefully about any obstacles that might get in its way and how it can be successful. Wonder likes to imagine what the outcome might look like when starting something so that it knows what it is working towards. Wonder takes a step-by-step approach in its planning and always finds an answer. 

Ideas to promote Resourcefulness:

  • Encourage lots of questions… What if? … How could?
  • Help children find ways of using lots of resources such as books, dictionaries or the internet.
  • Be your child’s learning hero: explain how you tried things out to find an answer.
  • Talk about different problems and different ways of approaching them to find a solution.